1: 1. Dolphins sleep with one eye open to watch for predators while resting in water.

2: 2. Elephants have the longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom, lasting up to 22 months.

3: 3. Cows have best friends and will become stressed when separated from them.

4: 4. Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood.

5: 5. Bees communicate through dance to tell others where to find food.

6: 6. Pigs are highly intelligent and can be trained to play video games.

7: 7. Sloths move so slowly that algae grows on their fur, providing camouflage.

8: 8. Peacocks use their colorful feathers to attract mates.

9: 9. Komodo dragons have a venomous bite that can kill their prey by causing septicemia.

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