1: Discover the vibrant celebrations of Sant Joan Festival in Menorca, Spain, with bonfires and fireworks.

2: Experience the traditional Kataklysmos Festival in Cyprus, with water games and boat races by the sea.

3: Join the festive Ponte a Valtellina Carnival in Italy, featuring colorful parades and delicious local food.

4: Immerse yourself in the Folklore Festival in Zakynthos, Greece, with traditional music and dance performances.

5: Celebrate the Feast of St. Lawrence in Gozo, Malta, with religious processions, feasting, and fireworks.

6: Experience the Fiestas de Gracia in Barcelona, Spain, with street decorations and cultural performances.

7: Join the Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza, Argentina, celebrating wine-making traditions and local culture.

8: Experience the vibrant Orange Festival in Sicily, Italy, celebrating the harvest of delicious citrus fruits.

9: Discover the colorful Carnevale di Viareggio in Tuscany, Italy, with elaborate floats and masked parades.

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