1: Harvey Specter, the suave attorney from "Suits," left fans craving more legal drama. Bring back his charm in a new spinoff!

2: Jessica Pearson's fierce presence lit up the screen in "Suits." A spinoff featuring her would be a legal powerhouse.

3: Mike Ross and his photographic memory captured hearts in "Suits." Fans are eagerly awaiting his return in a spinoff.

4: Donna Paulsen's quick wit and sass were always a highlight on "Suits." A spinoff with her at the helm would be iconic.

5: Rachel Zane's determination and intelligence made her a fan favorite on "Suits." A spinoff focusing on her journey is overdue.

6: Louis Litt's quirky personality and impressive legal skills were unforgettable in "Suits." A spinoff with him in the lead is a must.

7: Robert Zane's dedication to justice and his family was a standout on "Suits." A spinoff delving into his story would be captivating.

8: Katrina Bennett's rise from junior associate to managing partner was inspiring in "Suits." A spinoff showcasing her growth is needed.

9: Alex Williams' loyalty and determination added depth to "Suits." A spinoff exploring his character further is highly anticipated.

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