1: "Unconventional winner: A surprise hit overtakes top spot on IMDb ratings for 2021."

2: "Shocking contender: Unexpected film rises to claim number one on IMDb's list this year."

3: "Awards buzz: Critically acclaimed movie shocks audiences with high IMDb rating."

4: "Overperforming underdog: Little-known film surprises all by topping IMDb's ratings for 2021."

5: "Unforeseen triumph: Dark horse movie stuns viewers by becoming highest-rated on IMDb this year."

6: "Under-the-radar success: Sleeper hit unexpectedly dominates IMDb's rankings for the year."

7: "Underestimated gem: Movie defies expectations to rise to the top of IMDb's ratings in 2021."

8: "Unanticipated champion: Film nobody saw coming emerges as highest-rated on IMDb this year."

9: "Hidden treasure: Surprising movie takes audiences by storm, claiming top spot on IMDb's list."

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