1: 1. Harvey Specter considers starting his own firm. 2. Mike Ross faces new legal challenges.

2: 3. Louis Litt prepares for fatherhood. 4. Donna Paulsen takes on a leadership role.

3: 5. Rachel Zane juggles work and family life. 6. Jessica Pearson returns with a big announcement.

4: 7. Alex Williams handles high-profile cases. 8. Katrina Bennett fights for equality in the workplace.

5: 9. Samantha Wheeler faces her past demons. 10. Robert Zane mentors a new generation of lawyers.

6: 11. Gretchen Bodinski takes charge of the firm's operations. 12. Brian Altman navigates office politics.

7: 13. Esther Litt provides support to her family. 14. Sheila Sazs faces a personal crisis.

8: 15. Mike and Rachel's long-distance relationship gets tested. 16. Harvey and Donna confront their feelings for each other.

9: 17. What lies ahead for the iconic characters of "Suits"? 18. Stay tuned for the electrifying spinoff rumors!

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