1: "2024 Oscars: Unseen Journey Begins" Follow the path of 3 nominees from audition room to red carpet.

2: "Audition Success Stories" Discover how each nominee impressed judges and secured their Oscar nod.

3: "Behind-the-Scenes Preparations" Explore the hard work and dedication that goes into Oscars prep.

4: "Red Carpet Glamour" Witness the stunning transformations as nominees step onto the red carpet.

5: "Award-Winning Performances" Relive the moments that captured the hearts of audiences and judges alike.

6: "Nominees' Emotional Reactions" Experience the highs and lows as nominees wait to hear their names called.

7: "Support Systems" Meet the teams and loved ones who stood by the nominees throughout their journey.

8: "Post-Awards Reflections" Hear from the nominees as they share their thoughts on the Oscars experience.

9: "The Road Ahead" See what's next for these talented individuals as they continue their careers in Hollywood.

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