1: Transform a paper clip into a phone stand for hands-free video calls and viewing.

2: Use toothpaste as a silver jewelry polish to keep your accessories sparkling.

3: Repurpose old socks as dusting cloths for those hard-to-reach spots around the house.

4: Turn a shower cap into a convenient shoe cover when traveling or storing shoes in a suitcase.

5: Use cooking spray to lubricate squeaky door hinges and eliminate annoying noise.

6: Repurpose empty toilet paper rolls as cable organizers to keep cords untangled and organized.

7: Turn a bread clip into a cable label for easy identification of cords behind your entertainment center.

8: Use a rubber band to open stubborn jar lids by providing extra grip and leverage.

9: Repurpose dryer sheets as air fresheners in shoes to keep them odor-free and fresh.

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