1: Sneaky uses for coffee filters: DIY air freshener, lint-free cleaning wipes, and microwave splatter shield.

2: Surprising toothpaste hacks: fill nail holes, polish silver, and remove scratches from CDs.

3: Brilliant uses for aluminum foil: sharpen scissors, protect banana stems, and clean the grill.

4: Creative ways to use vinegar: unclog drains, freshen laundry, and repel ants.

5: Unexpected uses for rubber bands: keep clothes on hangers, open stubborn lids, and prevent sliced apples from browning.

6: Ingenious ways to use dryer sheets: freshen shoes, clean baseboards, and repel dust.

7: Clever uses for baking soda: deodorize carpets, soothe sunburn, and clean grout.

8: Handy tricks with hydrogen peroxide: whiten grout, sanitize kitchen surfaces, and freshen musty fabrics.

9: Smart uses for olive oil: remove sticky residue, shine stainless steel, and condition leather.

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