1: 1. Shower cap as a shoe cover for rainy days 2. Socks as cleaning gloves for hard-to-reach places 3. Toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights

2: 4. Coffee filters to remove excess oil from fried foods 5. Toothbrush as a jewelry cleaner 6. Dryer sheets to remove static from hair

3: 7. Olive oil for removing sticker residue 8. Vinegar to clean and disinfect cutting boards 9. Rice to save a wet phone

4: 10. Lemon to freshen up a garbage disposal 11. Bread to pick up broken glass pieces 12. Ice cubes to remove carpet dents

5: 13. Aluminum foil to sharpen scissors 14. Baby powder to remove sand from skin 15. Ziploc bags for storing bulky items in suitcase

6: 16. Hair conditioner for shaving cream substitute 17. Coconut oil to polish leather shoes 18. Plastic wrap to prevent spills in luggage

7: 19. Mouthwash as a jewelry cleaner 20. WD-40 to remove crayon marks from walls 21. Hairspray to remove ink stains

8: 22. Chapstick to fix stuck zippers 23. Baking soda to clean silver jewelry 24. Rubber bands to keep clothes from slipping off hangers

9: 25. Dental floss to cut cakes and cheese 26. White vinegar to remove sweat stains 27. Cooking spray to prevent soap scum buildup in shower

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