1: 1. Use a toothbrush to clean small spaces like keyboard keys. 2. Use a hairdryer to remove price stickers from glass surfaces.

2: 3. Use a spoon to open difficult-to-remove jar lids. 4. Use a rubber band to keep a door from latching shut.

3: 5. Use a nail file to sharpen scissors quickly. 6. Use a coffee filter to clean screens and remove fingerprints.

4: 7. Use dental floss to slice soft foods like cheese or cake. 8. Use a credit card to remove air bubbles when applying stickers.

5: 9. Use a cotton swab to apply perfume in hard-to-reach areas. 10. Use a paper clip as a makeshift zipper pull in a pinch.

6: 11. Use a plastic bottle to water plants while you're away. 12. Use a cloth napkin as a makeshift coaster for beverages.

7: 13. Use a dish sponge to clean the inside of a water bottle. 14. Use a rubber glove to pick up pet hair from furniture.

8: 15. Use a straw to hull strawberries quickly and easily. 16. Use a can opener to open clamshell packaging.

9: 17. Use a candle stub as a makeshift crayon in a pinch. 18. Use a chopstick as a cocktail stirrer.

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