1: 1. Marlon Brando's Oscar Refusal 2. "Injustice of the American Indian" 3. Jada Pinkett Smith's Oscars Boycott

2: 4. Moonlight vs La La Land Mix-Up 5. Wrong Envelope Debacle 6. Shocking Oscars Fashion: Bjork's Swan Dress

3: 7. Sacha Baron Cohen's Red Carpet Stunts 8. Kanye West Crashes Stage at 2009 VMAs 9. Madonna's Controversial Pepsi Commercial

4: 10. Politics at the Oscars: Patricia Arquette's Wage Equality Speech 11. Halle Berry's Emotional Oscar Speech 12. Angelina Jolie's Kiss With Brother at the Oscars

5: 13. Sean Penn's Joke at the Oscars 14. Cringeworthy Hosting Moments: James Franco and Anne Hathaway 15. Heath Ledger's Posthumous Win

6: 16. Amy Winehouse Grammy Win After Her Death 17. Eminem's Surprise Oscar Performance 18. In Memoriam Controversies at Awards Shows

7: 19. Anti-LGBTQ+ Controversies at Awards Shows 20. Joan Rivers' Red Carpet Roasts 21. Kanye West vs Taylor Swift: VMA Interruption

8: 22. Meryl Streep's Political Criticisms at the Oscars 23. Jack Palance's One-Armed Push-Ups at the Oscars 24. Adele Dazeem: John Travolta's Oscars Flub

9: 25. Björk's Swan Dress: Fashion Statement or Fashion Fail? 26. The Oscars' Snub of Black Actors 27. The Time Oscar Hosts Went R-Rated

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