1: Transform your space with a DIY mosaic table inspired by ancient Greek patterns and colors.

2: Create a terracotta plant holder reminiscent of Roman amphora vessels for a touch of history.

3: Craft a Mediterranean-style wall hanging using driftwood and macrame for a coastal vibe.

4: Design a Moroccan tile coasters set using vibrant colors and geometric shapes for a pop of culture.

5: Repurpose old wine bottles into elegant Mediterranean-inspired lanterns for outdoor ambiance.

6: Build a pergola with whitewashed wood beams for a classic Greek island feel in your backyard.

7: Make a bohemian-style beaded curtain with shells and beads for a beachy Mediterranean look.

8: Fashion a hand-painted ceramic planter with intricate patterns for a touch of Mediterranean charm.

9: Construct a DIY outdoor fireplace with stucco and Mediterranean arches for cozy nights under the stars.

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