1: "Transform your space with a DIY driftwood mirror. Collect driftwood from the beach and create a unique coastal accent."

2: "Bring the Mediterranean vibe indoors with a DIY rope-wrapped lamp. Add texture and nautical charm to any room."

3: "Create a beachy atmosphere with a DIY seashell wind chime. Collect shells and hang them for a breezy coastal sound."

4: "Add a touch of the Mediterranean with a DIY mosaic tray. Use colorful tiles to create a unique piece for serving or display."

5: "Get creative with a DIY rope basket. Perfect for storing towels or beach essentials, this project adds coastal flair to any space."

6: "Upgrade your outdoor seating with a DIY painted Adirondack chair. Choose bright, beachy colors for a Mediterranean-inspired look."

7: "Add a coastal touch to your walls with a DIY driftwood wall hanging. Create a rustic and beachy focal point for any room."

8: "Transform a plain vase with a DIY seashell embellishment. Add a coastal touch to your decor with this simple project."

9: "Bring the beach to your table with a DIY shell place card holder. Perfect for a coastal-inspired dinner party or event."

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