1: 1. Marco Polo's Journey to the East 2. The Lost City of Atlantis 3. Lewis and Clark Expedition 4. The Discovery of Machu Picchu

2: 1. Roald Amundsen's Race to the South Pole 2. The Search for El Dorado 3. The Silk Road Exploration 4. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

3: 1. Vasco da Gama's Sea Route to India 2. The Quest for the Fountain of Youth 3. The Lewis Chessmen Discovery 4. The Haunted Ship of the Great Lakes

4: 1. Captain Cook's Pacific Voyages 2. The Gold Rush of the Wild West 3. The Lost Colony of Roanoke 4. The Secret Behind Stonehenge

5: 1. The Silk Road Expedition 2. The Legend of El Dorado 3. The Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart 4. The Treasure of the Pirate Blackbeard

6: 1. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 2. The Search for the City of Z 3. The Real Robinson Crusoe 4. The Curse of Tutankhamun's Tomb

7: 1. The Arctic Expedition of Sir John Franklin 2. The Discovery of Troy 3. The Endurance Expedition 4. The Quest for Shangri-La

8: 1. The First Moon Landing 2. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle 3. The Roanoke Colony 4. The Forbidden City of China

9: 1. The Lost Viking Settlement 2. The Search for the Northwest Passage 3. The Curse of the Hope Diamond 4. The Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs

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