1: "Apocalypse Now" - Director Francis Ford Coppola faced numerous setbacks during production.

2: "Jaws" - Steven Spielberg's struggle with malfunctioning mechanical sharks delayed filming.

3: "Superman" - Creative differences and budget issues threatened to cancel the superhero film.

4: "Back to the Future" - Actor Eric Stoltz was recast as Marty McFly after filming began.

5: "The Lord of the Rings" - Financial troubles almost derailed Peter Jackson's epic trilogy.

6: "Titanic" - James Cameron's ambitious project faced skepticism from studios and critics.

7: "Avatar" - Cameron's groundbreaking 3D technology faced technical challenges and delays.

8: "Toy Story" - Disney's initial rejection led to Pixar creating a revolutionary animated film.

9: "La La Land" - The original ending was almost completely different before being changed.

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