1: Explore the vibrant works of Mediterranean artist Pablo Picasso, whose unique style revolutionized modern art.

2: Dive into the world of Joan Miró, a Spanish artist known for his whimsical and colorful abstract paintings.

3: Discover the intricate mosaic art of Sicilian artist Alessandro Salatino, inspired by the region's rich history.

4: Immerse yourself in the dreamlike paintings of Greek artist Odysseas Oikonomou, exploring themes of mythology and tradition.

5: Experience the bold and expressive sculptures of Lebanese artist Huguette Caland, reflecting her cultural roots.

6: Delve into the intricate tapestries of Moroccan artist Fatima Zahra Hassan, blending tradition with contemporary design.

7: Behold the stunning ceramics of Spanish artist Miquel Barceló, who draws inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes.

8: Explore the unique calligraphy art of Egyptian artist Wael Darwich, combining traditional Arabic script with modern techniques.

9: Engage with the powerful photography of Turkish artist Ara Güler, capturing the essence of Mediterranean life and culture.

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