1: Explore the vibrant creations of Maria Aristidou, known for her intricate crochet designs and bold color choices.

2: Discover the mesmerizing paintings of Giorgos Rorris, whose work captures the essence of Greek mythology and folklore.

3: Immerse yourself in the abstract world of Marisa Anzil, a Spanish artist known for her dynamic use of color and texture.

4: Experience the ethereal sculptures of Jaume Plensa, a Catalan artist whose work explores themes of identity and connection.

5: Delve into the surreal landscapes of Miki Knauss, a German artist whose dreamlike creations blur the line between reality and fantasy.

6: Marvel at the intricate ceramic work of Maria Socratous, a Cypriot artist who draws inspiration from the natural world.

7: Be captivated by the whimsical illustrations of Marta Penter, a Brazilian artist known for her playful and imaginative style.

8: Witness the powerful portraits of Nikos Floros, a Greek artist who transforms everyday materials into stunning works of art.

9: Add these Mediterranean artists to your collection to bring a touch of beauty and culture into your home.

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