1: Discover the art of grilling fish whole over open flames for a smoky and succulent flavor.

2: Learn the secret to making perfectly flaky phyllo dough from scratch for authentic Mediterranean pies.

3: Explore the technique of slow-roasting vegetables with olive oil and herbs for intense flavor.

4: Master the art of preserving lemons in salt for a tangy and versatile ingredient in Mediterranean dishes.

5: Uncover the traditional method of braising meats in wine and aromatics for tender and flavorful results.

6: Delve into the world of marinating meats in yogurt for a tender and juicy texture in Mediterranean dishes.

7: Experience the technique of charring vegetables over an open flame for a smoky and complex flavor profile.

8: Learn how to infuse olive oil with herbs and spices for a flavorful finishing touch to Mediterranean dishes.

9: Discover the art of making homemade pasta dough with semolina flour for a rich and hearty base in Mediterranean cuisine.

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