1: Transform your garden with these 6 budget-friendly DIY decor ideas. Get inspired and create a beautiful outdoor space.

2: Repurpose old items like mason jars and pallets to create unique garden decor pieces.

3: Add a touch of whimsy with DIY fairy gardens or colorful painted rocks in your garden.

4: Upcycle old tires into planters or create a DIY bird feeder using household items.

5: Personalize your garden with handmade stepping stones or homemade garden signs.

6: Use recycled materials like tin cans or wine bottles to add a creative flair to your garden.

7: Enhance your garden's ambiance with DIY outdoor lighting or a homemade water feature.

8: Grow your own herbs and flowers in DIY planters made from wooden crates or PVC pipes.

9: Get creative and crafty with these budget-friendly DIY garden decor ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

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