1: Discover how to create a lava lamp using household items for a fun science-inspired art project.

2: Learn how to make a solar-powered rainbow maker with simple materials for a colorful DIY experiment.

3: Try your hand at creating a homemade kaleidoscope to explore light and patterns in a creative way.

4: Explore the world of chromatography by making colorful tie-dye coffee filter art with science.

5: Experiment with physics by building a DIY mini hovercraft using a CD and a balloon for a thrilling project.

6: Combine art and chemistry by making your own crystal geodes for a beautiful and educational creation.

7: Create a water bottle rocket powered by air pressure for an exciting engineering and science project.

8: Discover the magic of magnetic slime by making a magnetic polymer that moves and reacts to magnets.

9: Experience the wonders of nature by pressing flowers to create beautiful and scientific botanical art.

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