1: Revitalize your routine with these Mediterranean-inspired exercises. Get ready to feel the burn!

2: Sculpt your arms and core with olive press lunges. It's a challenging move that tones your entire body.

3: Try the grapevine twist for a fun and effective workout. Strengthen your core and improve your balance.

4: Get your heart rate up with the Sardinian shuffle. It’s a cardio blast that will leave you feeling energized.

5: Embrace the Greek hop for a lower body workout like no other. It targets your quads, glutes, and calves.

6: Channel your inner warrior with the Spartan squat. This move will sculpt your legs and challenge your balance.

7: Don’t forget the Moroccan mountain climbers for a full-body burn. It’s a high-intensity exercise that torches calories.

8: Master the Turkish twist for a killer core workout. Strengthen your obliques and improve your posture.

9: Finish strong with the Cyprus crunch. This exercise targets your abs and helps you achieve a sculpted midsection.

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