1: Discover the origins of pizza, dating back to ancient civilizations like Greece and Egypt.

2: Learn how pizza evolved in Italy, becoming a popular dish amongst royalty and commoners alike.

3: Explore the migration of pizza to America, where it was initially introduced by Italian immigrants.

4: Uncover the invention of the first pizza margherita in Naples, Italy, named after Queen Margherita.

5: Delve into the rise of pizza in pop culture, with iconic pizza-eating scenes in movies and TV shows.

6: Find out how pizza became a global phenomenon, with a variety of toppings and styles.

7: Understand the significance of pizza in shaping modern fast-food culture and delivery services.

8: Learn about the world's largest pizza, measuring over 1.3 miles in diameter.

9: Explore fun pizza facts, like the most popular topping (pepperoni) and the busiest pizza ordering day (Super Bowl Sunday).

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