1: Discover the untold secrets and unseen hard work of behind-the-scenes heroes in Oscar-nominated films.

2: Meet the dedicated professionals who bring the magic to life, from costume designers to sound engineers.

3: Explore the creative process of set decorators and makeup artists who make movie dreams a reality.

4: Learn about the meticulous planning and attention to detail that goes into every frame.

5: Witness the passion and skill of lighting technicians and cinematographers who craft unforgettable visuals.

6: Delve into the world of special effects artists and stunt coordinators who make the impossible possible.

7: Get a glimpse into the long hours and hard work that goes on behind the camera.

8: Celebrate the unsung heroes who often go unnoticed but play a crucial role in the success of a film.

9: Join us in honoring the dedicated individuals who bring the magic of the movies to life.

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