1: 1. Sumac: Zesty spice adds citrusy tang to dishes. 2. Aleppo Pepper: Mild heat with fruity undertones. 3. Pomegranate Molasses: Sweet and tangy syrup made from reduced pomegranate juice.

2: 4. Labneh: Thick, tangy strained yogurt cheese. 5. Za'atar: A blend of thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac. 6. Harissa: Spicy chili paste with depth of flavor.

3: 7. Urfa Biber: Smoky, raisin-like pepper from Turkey. 8. Preserved Lemons: Pickled lemons add bright, salty flavor. 9. Dukkah: Egyptian spice blend of nuts, seeds, and spices.

4: 10. Mahlab: Aromatic spice made from cherry pits. 11. Baharat: Warm Middle Eastern spice blend. 12. Date Syrup: Sweetener with rich, caramel flavor.

5: 13. Keffir Lime Leaves: Citrusy herb with fragrant zest. 14. Halloumi: Grilling cheese with salty bite. 15. Ras El Hanout: Complex Moroccan spice blend.

6: 16. Molokhia: Leafy green adds a unique texture. 17. Bahri Dates: Sweet dates with caramel notes. 18. Ras El Hanout: Complex Moroccan spice blend.

7: 19. Angelica: Bitter-sweet herb adds depth to dishes. 20. Carob: Nutty, chocolate-like flavor in powder form. 21. Chile De Arbol: Spicy pepper with sharp heat.

8: 22. Mustard Greens: Peppery greens add a bite. 23. Fava Beans: Creamy legumes with earthy flavor. 24. Amchoor: Tangy mango powder for a sour kick.

9: 25. Romanesco: Geometric vegetable with nutty flavor. 26. Turkish Bay Leaves: Aromatic herb for savory dishes. 27. Aleppo Pepper: Mild heat with fruity undertones.

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