1: Introduction to Dustin Poirier, UFC fighter known for his tenacity and skill. Follow his journey to greatness.

2: Moment 1: Poirier defeats Max Holloway to become interim lightweight champion, showcasing his power and determination.

3: Moment 2: Poirier's epic battles with Conor McGregor, solidifying his status as a top contender in the UFC.

4: Moment 3: Poirier's charity work and philanthropy, proving he is not only a great fighter, but also a great human being.

5: Moment 4: Poirier's victory over Dan Hooker in a fight of the year contender, displaying his heart and resilience.

6: Moment 5: Poirier's redemption against McGregor in their rematch, cementing his legacy as a UFC great.

7: Conclusion: Dustin Poirier's journey is a testament to hard work and dedication. He is truly a UFC legend.

8: Follow Poirier's continued success in the octagon as he seeks to further solidify his legacy in the UFC.

9: Don't miss out on the action as Dustin Poirier continues to make his mark in the UFC and inspire fans worldwide.

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