1: Meet These Unsung Heroes Discover lesser-known historical figures who made a significant impact on the world.

2: Boudica Learn about the Celtic queen who led a rebellion against Roman rule in Britain.

3: Ibn Battuta Explore the travels of this Moroccan explorer who journeyed across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

4: Hypatia Discover the remarkable life of this female mathematician and philosopher in ancient Alexandria.

5: Nellie Bly Follow the groundbreaking journalism of this investigative reporter who went undercover to expose social injustices.

6: Sitting Bull Learn about the revered Lakota leader who fought to protect his people's way of life.

7: Olaudah Equiano Read about the former slave who became a prominent abolitionist and author in the 18th century.

8: Ida B. Wells Explore the fearless activism of this African American journalist who campaigned against lynching.

9: Ching Shih Discover the pirate queen of the South China Sea who commanded a fleet of hundreds of ships.

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