1: Liverpool vs Mancity: 4 Pivotal Moments Witness the game-changing events that reshaped football history forever.

2: The 2013/14 Title Race Mancity clinches the Premier League title in dramatic fashion.

3: Gerrard's Slip Steven Gerrard's costly error gifts Mancity the advantage in 2014.

4: Liverpool's 2019 Triumph Liverpool outclasses Mancity to claim the Champions League trophy.

5: The VAR Drama Controversial video refereeing decisions redefine the rivalry.

6: Unforgettable Derbies Relive the intense battles between two football giants.

7: Guardiola vs Klopp The tactical showdown of two masterful managers.

8: Memorable Comebacks Both clubs showcase resilience in stunning comeback victories.

9: Legacy of Greatness Liverpool and Mancity continue to shape modern football history.

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