1: 1. Create a homemade volcano using vinegar and baking soda for an explosive reaction.

2: 2. Watch colors mix and swirl with milk, food coloring, and dish soap in the magic milk experiment.

3: 3. Grow your own crystals overnight with Epsom salt and water in a mesmerizing experiment.

4: 4. Challenge gravity by making a water bottle rocket using vinegar and baking soda.

5: 5. Explore the power of magnets with a simple magnetic slime experiment at home.

6: 6. Witness the magic of static electricity by creating a homemade balloon-powered car.

7: 7. Make a leak-proof bag using pencils and a plastic bag in a surprising science experiment.

8: 8. Learn about surface tension with a penny and water experiment that defies gravity.

9: 9. Observe the science of density by layering liquids like oil, water, and honey in a homemade density tower.

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