1: Start your day with movement. Simone Biles begins with a light workout to wake up her body and mind.

2: Meditation is key. Biles takes time each morning to focus and visualize her goals for the day ahead.

3: Healthy breakfast fuels success. Biles prioritizes a nutritious meal to keep her energy levels high.

4: Set goals. Biles outlines her priorities for the day, helping her stay focused and productive.

5: Stay hydrated. Biles never skips her morning water intake, keeping her body and mind sharp.

6: Positive affirmations. Biles starts the day with self-belief and confidence-boosting mantras.

7: Quality rest is crucial. Biles makes sure to get a good night's sleep for optimal performance.

8: Time for self-care. Biles includes moments of relaxation and pampering in her morning routine.

9: Consistency is key. By sticking to these habits, you can set yourself up for success like Simone Biles.

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