1: Get ready for the exciting return spinoff of Suits! These 5 fan-favorite characters are making a comeback.

2: Harvey Specter - The charismatic lawyer is back with his trademark charm and wit.

3: Mike Ross - The brilliant fraud-turned-attorney is back to stir things up at the firm.

4: Donna Paulsen - The powerhouse COO returns, ready to take on new challenges.

5: Louis Litt - The quirky but lovable lawyer is back with his unique brand of humor.

6: Jessica Pearson - The fearless attorney makes a triumphant comeback, ready to fight for justice.

7: With these beloved characters returning, the Suits spinoff promises to be a thrilling ride.

8: Stay tuned for the highly anticipated return of Suits and see how these characters navigate new adventures.

9: Don't miss out on the excitement as these fan-favorite characters make their triumphant return in the Suits spinoff!

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