1: The Oscar Effect 2024 Nominees Learn how the prestigious award catapulted these stars to overnight fame.

2: Rising Stars Discover the breakout performances that captured Hollywood's attention in 2024.

3: From Unknown to Unstoppable Explore the incredible journeys of this year's Oscar nominees.

4: Behind the Scenes Uncover the stories behind the making of these unforgettable films.

5: A Night to Remember Relive the moments that defined the 2024 Oscars ceremony.

6: Red Carpet Royalty See how these nominees stole the show with their fashion choices.

7: The Aftermath Find out what these newfound celebrities have been up to since their Oscar nominations.

8: Trailblazing Talent Witness the impact that these nominees have had on the entertainment industry.

9: The Future Looks Bright Get ready to see where these stars go next after their Oscar recognition in 2024.

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