1: Introduction Explore the evolution of the Oscars through 4 trailblazing changes in award categories.

2: Best Animated Feature The addition of a Best Animated Feature category in 2002 revolutionized recognition for animated films.

3: Best Picture The expansion of Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10 in 2009 allowed for a more diverse representation of films.

4: Best Director From only male nominees in the early years, the inclusion of female directors in this category showcases progress.

5: Best International Feature Formerly known as Best Foreign Language Film, this category now honors global cinema excellence.

6: Diversity & Inclusion Recent changes aim for more diverse representation across all award categories.

7: Technical Achievement New categories like Best Visual Effects recognize important technical aspects of filmmaking.

8: Social Impact The Oscars continue to evolve to reflect important themes and issues in society.

9: Conclusion These trailblazing changes in award categories demonstrate the Oscars' commitment to evolving with the times.

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