1: Meet the Rising Stars Discover the next generation of UFC talent set to make waves in 2024.

2: Rising Featherweight Uncover an explosive featherweight fighter with the skills to dominate the division.

3: Future Bantamweight Champion Witness a bantamweight prodigy destined for greatness in the octagon.

4: Promising Lightweight Contender Learn about a rising lightweight star ready to take the UFC by storm.

5: Emerging Welterweight Threat Meet a welterweight contender with the potential to reach the top of the division.

6: Rising Middleweight Sensation Follow the journey of a dynamic middleweight fighter on the brink of superstardom.

7: Potential Light Heavyweight Champion Explore the path of a light heavyweight prospect with the skills to become a future champion.

8: Future Heavyweight Titleholder Witness a heavyweight powerhouse poised to become a dominant force in the UFC.

9: The Next UFC Superstar Get ready for an exciting year ahead as these four fighters shine on the biggest stage in MMA.

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